The Art of Graham Brown

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A Sense of the Sacred

In his exquisitely intricate, sensitively coloured and totally fresh expressions in painting, Graham Brown seeks to impart a Sense of the Sacred…Through his delicate ancient imagery the new world, which is indeed the evolutionary journey to self-discovery, is beautifully unveiled.

In this day and age the term 'sacred' carries much baggage with it, but in Graham's works the religious imagery is not used to point towards any particular dogma. Rather the artwork is intended to transport one to a space where there is no divisions; a place of pure spirituality, divinity, evolution and self-discovery.

His work expresses the beauty and serenity found within the Sacred. The main vehicle for this is traditional imagery drawn from both Eastern and Western religious heritage, but also in the simplicity of still life and in the divine imagery found in landscapes. Graham Brown is not limited to religious imagery, and as he puts it This sense of the Sacred can be seen, not only in icons but also in a landscape; even in a simple still life arrangement. Where real objects or prototype images are used as models, these are points of departure only; the painting ultimately originates from within.

Through this varied subject matter, and with the incredible sensitivity of his brushstrokes, the forms of beauty uncovered are manifold.


The Irisroll

The Iriscroll is signature of an orignal Graham Brown painting. Graham signs all his paintings, drawings & sketches with this logo.