The Art of Graham Brown


The main inspiration for Grahams Icon paintings obviously comes from Christian religious art traditions and artists such as Andrei Rublev. However there is a strong parallel between the Icons and the Indian miniatures, both in composition, perspective and materials. In the Icons a large-scale use of gold leaf is generally employed, but also a delightful and delicate use of faceted glass beads. This application of stones for a rich thee dimensional effect is often found in the Indian traditions of Rajasthani & Tanjore paintings. This crossover of cultures creates exiting new scope and dimension to the timeless nature of the Icons.


Divinity as Subject

The divinity in the subject matter, the purity of the colours, the complexity in patterns and texture and the relative simplicity of perspective creates a serene scene, bringing us closer to the sense of the sacred.

The Icons are fairly small in size, which conjures the feel of a very delicate, subtle and sacred space.